The FishMPABlue2 project

Fishing governance in MPAs: potentialities for Blue Economy 2

Project summary
FishMPABlue 2 is the follow-up of FishMPABlue1: as the first one carried out the analysis of the management of small scale fishery within and around a Marine Protected Area (MPA), identifying the suitable change (enforcing MPA management capacities) to be achieved through a concrete response (innovative governance toolkit), as current project wants to test such toolkit to actually demonstrate its effectiveness in achieving expected results (strengthening the management - and networking - capacities of Med MPAs). FishMPABlue2 is based on a scientifically sound study (FishMPABlue 1 results), a clear testing approach (where the monitoring of outcomes coming from toolkit testing is among key activities), a wide (thanks to networks of MedPAN & MedWet) results transfer strategy (exploiting already existing tools and channels); it creates the conditions for a potential mainstreaming into the whole Mediterranean region (thanks to the involvement of the main regional-national policy makers).

Project main outputs

  • Pilot MPAs (11) engagement in Pilot Project implementation and upgraded toolkit adoption
  • Evaluation Report on Pilot Actions results on MPAS territories
  • tested and upgraded version of the "governance toolkit"
  • Formal engagement by at least 5 additional MPAs in "Governance Toolkit" adoption and implementation
  • New concepts and procedures for associating conservation (MPAs) and sustainable fisheries (FRAs)

Project specific objectives

  • To test the "Governance toolkit for small scale fishery" in different typologies of MPAs, in order to have an upgraded version of it
  • To disseminate the tested toolkit among the maximum feasible number of Med MPAs
  • To enhance integration of principles and recommendations in national and international policies to ease informal/formal engagement of stakeholders in small scale fishery management within MPAs

Mediterranean Protected Areas Network | National Inter-University Consortium for Marine Sciences | WWF Adria - Association for the

protection of nature and conservation of biological diversity | University Nice Sophia Antipolis | WWF Mediterranean | International Union for Conservation of Nature | Association of the actors from the Var for a small coast fishing and sustainable maritime activities

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